How Pickit can provide support during COVID-19

As we all navigate these unprecedented times and tackle the COVID-19 pandemic together, our thoughts are with everyone affected and with those on the front line responding to this global outbreak.


For many educators and students alike, the coronavirus has meant moving entirely to a digital workspace, with little notice or time to prepare and procure the necessary set of tools to enable the shift. Pickit wants to make the transition as smooth as possible in this difficult time.


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2 - Studying Remotely originalStudying Remotely

As many students make the move to the digital classroom, we want to ensure everyone still has access to a trusted source of compliant, licensed images.  


All students will now be able to use Pickit Pro free of charge through the end of June, simply by installing the add-in and registering an account with an .edu email address.

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3 - Resources and Tools ORIGINALResources and Tools

Working or studying from home can be both an opportunity and a challenge, and as our organizations undergo a huge transformation and transition to the digital workplace, we're all in need of a new set of solutions to power the move.

Over the coming weeks and months, we'll be adding more tips, tricks and tools to help you navigate this season and find new ways of working out of the office or classroom.

We'll cover topics including:

- sourcing and managing images remotely

- creating and delivering presentations online 

- simplifying workflows in PowerPoint and Teams


7 best practices for effective remote presentations



1 - How to make a PPT in under 3 min_image

2 - 2-in-1


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1 - Environment_6_publicRemote Working

By staying away from the office, people are more easily able to adhere to the recommended social distancing practices, self-isolate, and help ensure the safety of both themselves, their colleagues and the community at large. While doing so, modern technology provides a means for individuals and teams to carry on being productive and do meaningful work together without jeopardizing safety or security.

People working from home can get a free Pickit trial simply by installing the add-in and registering an account.

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