HubSpot Integration 


This guide gives you, as an admin, all the information you need to get started with using our HubSpot integration. 

Connecting a Pickit DAM account to HubSpot enables you to sync your digital assets and documents to HubSpot Files, ensuring only approved, up-to-date, and on-brand content is available to your HubSpot users.



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Here are a few of the key benefits of connecting your HubSpot account to Pickit's Digital Asset Management platform.

• Save time and context-switching by sharing assets to HubSpot
• Simplify your workflow by automatically syncing approved Pickit files
• Gather everything under one roof for better visibility and brand control

Connecting to HubSpot


First you need to connect your Pickit account to your HubSpot portal.

1. Log into Pickit at and go to Admin Mode, then Media


2. Click Export and choose HubSpot


3. Authenticate and browse folders you've synced to HubSpot previously, if any 


Exporting assets to HubSpot


Follow these simple steps to sync files to your HubSpot portal.

1. Click Create new export


2. Select a destination folder in HubSpot or create a new one

05.1-create or select destination folder

3. Choose the Pickit collections you'd like to export

08-select collections

4. Choose the files you'd like to include in the export

09-select what files to include in export



Accessing your imported assets

03-Manage and distribute assets

Finding the files you've synced from Pickit is easy. 

1. Log into your HubSpot portal, then navigate to Files and browse the folders and files imported from Pickit

01-Access Pickit® assets directly within HubSpot


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