Pickit User Guide for Teams

This guide looks at the experience for Pro, Business and Enterprise Plan users. If you'd like to learn more about our different plans and pricing, please visit pickit.com/pricing


Hello Pickit user, we're excited to have you here!  Pickit’s award-winning platform puts a library of over a million images at your fingertips, as well as providing easier access to your company images, documents, right in Microsoft 365. All photos, icons and clipart images provided by Pickit in Public Images are 100% legally compliant and licensed to use for anything, making Pickit the safe choice for businesses and people at work. 


The Pickit add-in is very user-friendly and easy to navigate, but we put this guide together to help ensure a smooth user experience. On this page, you'll find a reference to Pickit-specific terms and screenshots for navigating the end-user experience in Teams. 


Pickit is also available for use in PowerPoint, Word, OneNote online and on the web at app.pickit.com


We're pretty sure you’re going to love Pickit. Enjoy! 


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This is a short dictionary of terms used in this guide.

Collection – All images live in a folder or album type environment that we call collections. Typically images in a collection share a common theme or concept. ​

Collection Group – This is an organization system where you can easily group together multiple collections that share a common theme or concept. ​

Company Images – A private and secure image bank where organizations can store and share internal images. 

Documents  A feature where end users can access documents uploaded by Pickit admins.

Featured Collections – Collections can be promoted to a more visible location in the image bank. Featured collections appear near the top of the add-in with square-shaped thumbnails. If there is a Hero collection, the Featured collections will appear below the Hero in the add-in.  ​

Hero Collections – Collections can be promoted to a more visible location in the image bank. Hero collections appear at the top of the add-in with a rectangular-shaped thumbnail. ​

Legally Cleared  A unique new model that guarantees every image on the Pickit platform is 100% legal and 100% cleared. It's our way of saying visuals are compliant, licensed, and free to use for anything. You just can't resell the images or claim them as your own. 

Pickit Academy – A resource tab in the add-in dedicated to sharing tips, tricks, and advice to make you a better presenter

Public Images – A database of over 1 million royalty-free images that are licensed to use for anything without restrictions. Each image has been handpicked by a team of image professionals at Pickit.  

Logging In

When Teams has launched, navigate to the taskbar on the left side. ​Here you’ll find a Pickit logo. 

When you click on the Pickit logo, a login screen will launch and prompt you to log in using the login details that were sent to your email, or with your Microsoft 365 account.

If you don't see Pickit in Teams, you can download it by going to Apps, searching for Pickit and pressing the Add button. Now you can log in following the steps above. 


Company Images

Enterprise_green_small-1    Business_blue_small-1

When you first log in, you’ll see your company's image library.

At the top, you see the Hero collections. Think of the hero space as a storefront where your company's current collections are in the spotlight and easy to get access to. 

Below the Hero collections, you’ll see the Featured collections section. Your most frequently used collections will be placed there for quick access.

Right below the Featured collections, you can see your collection groupsBy clicking on a collection group, a dropdown list will appear, listing all the collections inside the group. To access a collection from the list, just click on its name.

The rest of your collections will appear under the collection groups.


Public Images

Enterprise_green_small-1    Business_blue_small-1    Pro_pink_small-1

If your Pickit admin has enabled Public Images, you’ll be able to access Pickit's legally compliant, royalty-free image library next to the Company Images tab

Legally Cleared is a unique licensing model ensuring you can use all photos, icons, and clipart images provided by Pickit for any use case. Our only restriction is that you can't resell the images. Otherwise, use them for your presentations, docs, website, blog, email campaigns, social media, print media, and more. 


By the way, upwards of 85% of images downloaded from the internet are used illegally. If you use an image without understanding the terms, you're putting yourself at risk. Using Pickit, you'll never have to worry! 

Finding Images

There are a few different ways to find images. You can either browse collections or use the search feature. 


For Company Images, we allow admins to add meta-data to all images like keywords, descriptions, and filenames that are searchable by end-users. Admins are also able to organize content into collections, making it visually easy to navigate and find the right images when you need them. 

For Public Images you can browse handpicked collections that have been created by a team of professional editors at Pickit or use the search feature and enter a keyword. 

Image Details

If you click once on an image, a details box will open. There you can find more information about who uploaded the image, a description and keywords. 

To see more from the same photographer, you can click on their name. Clicking on a keyword will perform a search for this keyword.

Please note that if you double-click on an image, it'll insert into your slide or document. 

Downloading Images

If you click on an image once, a view will appear where you can download. You can choose the size of the image before downloading it.



The Documents feature makes it easy to find templates, presentations, documents, and guides that your admins have made available in Pickit. This section is structured just like Images, so you'll be able to browse through collections or use the search feature to find what you need. 

Each document will display a thumbnail that you can click. This'll allow you to view Details (Size, Description, Country, Author, Upload Date, Document Type, Version, and Tags) and Previews that have been populated by an Admin. From here you can select to Open or Download. We also allow you to Save documents to your own personal collections for quick access. Please reference the Saving section for more info. 


Sharing in Teams

Enterprise_green_small-1    Business_blue_small-1    Pro_pink_small-1

You can share image collections directly within Teams channels. Start by opening a channel and at the top of the screen, next to the Channel name, you'll see a few options that include Posts, Files and a + sign. Click the + sign, wait for the window to launch and then select the Pickit icon. 

Screenshot (153)

This launches a new window where you can view either Pickit Collections or Your Collections. From either section you can then select the collection you'd like to share in the Channel and click Save. Now this collection will appear in the taskbar next to Posts and Files, for easy access. 

Sharing Externally


Administrators can allow end-users to share content externally.  If your administrator has provided you with this permission, here are the different options for sharing from the add-in. 

Share to external users prompts you to enter an email address for a person you'd like to provide collection access to. They'll receive an email from Pickit with the request to create a password to privately access the secure collection. 

Weblink provides a public access weblink, so anyone who sees this link will be able to view the content. 

Social Media icons appear as an option when sharing from the add-in. Click an icon to share a collection to Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. 



Users can save their favorite images, collections, and documents for easy access. Content can be later found under the Saved tab.

To save an image or document, click on the Save to collection label that appears when you hover over the image or document. You can choose to either add to your Favorites collection or create a new private collection by clicking on the + button.

To save a public or company collection for easy access, you click on the Save collection button next to its title. Saved collections are also found under the Saved tab.