Pickit Boards for Admins (BETA)


Boards are available with the Enterprise Plan. This guide looks at the experience for Enterprise Plan admins. If you'd like to learn more about our different plans and pricing, please visit

Hello Pickit admin, we're glad to have you here! Boards are the simplest way to share specific company assets like Campaigns, Product Releases, Internal Newsletters, Event Launches, and much more, helping you increase your team productivity and ensure everyone stays on brand and compliant across your organization.

This new feature we have introduced to help you as an admin display and share your company's images, videos, and documents. It can be used to present your newest campaign, product release, or yearly reports, to name a few examples. 

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Getting Started

Content Administrators must log in to the online version of Pickit to manage their DAM system. You can log in using your email/password credentials or Single Sign-On at



Once signed in, you will see the Public facing view of the DAM that end-users will also have access to. From here, only administrators can see the button that says Admin Mode.

Now you will be on the home page for Content Administration. From this view, Content Administrators, can now find Boards in the side menu below "Guidelines".

When you click on "Create new Board" you can name it and create a thumbnail by selecting a background color and the font color. You can also choose if the Board shows in full screen or be a scaled version at the center of the page. You can also access these settings by hovering the mouse pointer over the thumbnail and click on the wheel icon.



When you have created a new board, you can start building it by adding sections. The sections are divided into Images, Files, Collections, Video, Text, and Separators. All have different display options for you to pick between and get some variety in showcasing your content. Click on any of the options to insert a placeholder. In the placeholder, you can click on ‘select image/document’ to add it to your Board. 



Remember that you first need to import images from Pickit Stock, Getty, Shutterstock, etc., into your media library. All content that the Boards will contain needs to exist in either Company Media for media files and Documents for Word files and PowerPoint presentations etc.

If you are storing your digital assets in another cloud storage solution, you can easily integrate them to the Pickit platform, check out all our integrations here: Pickit Integrations Guide


Style Examples 

Under Settings Styling, you can choose the Layout between Centered or Fullscreen and the Theme between Light, Dark or Auto, and Save Changes. Your Board will now follow the styling you have updated.



Currently, it is not possible to share the Board as it is still a BETA version, but it will be enabled once the feature is released to all users. Only administrators will be able to view and edit the boards during the BETA.



This is a short dictionary of terms used in this guide.

Admin  A Pickit admin can upload files, invite users, style the DAM and assign user permissions on the web. We do not limit the amount of admins per account. 

Collections – All files (image, video, audio, document) visible by end users must live in a folder or album type environment that we call collections. Typically images in a collection share a common theme or concept

Collection Group  This is an organization system where you can easily group together multiple collections that share a common theme or concept.

Copyright  A legal permission that gives the photographer or image creator rights to publish and sell images on their terms. As an admin, when you upload images to your image bank, you can specify copyright information.

Curation  The process of styling and organizing your asset bank for a strong visual impact.

Documents  A feature accessible by Pickit admins on the web that allows you to upload and organize documents in pptx, potx, docx, dotx, pdf, xlsx and key formats. End users will be able to access documents both on the web and with the Pickit add-in.

Guidelines  A feature that allows admins to distribute a short version of a brand guide for easy end-user access. 

Image License  A contractual agreement where the photographer or image creator agreed to terms of image usage. As an admin, when you upload images to your asset bank, you can specify image license information.

Media – A private and secure Azure-based digital asset management system where admins can upload and share images, videos and audio files. 

Model Release  A contractual agreement where the person/people in an image have granted permission for the image to be used.

Owner  When Pickit creates an DAM we need to assign an Owner, which is just the original Admin for the DAM. You have the exact same rights as any other admin.

Pickit Stock – A database of over 1 million royalty-free images that are licensed to use for anything without restrictions. Each image has been handpicked by a team of image professionals at Pickit. Admins can allow users to see Public Images or disable access.

Property Release - A contractual agreement where the owner of property used in a photograph or video has granted permission to use or publish the photograph or video.


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